Many of us have made the conscious decision to call California home. We like the weather, the recreational opportunities, and the diverse population that makes our state one of the most unique places to live in the nation.

Although these are important aspects of our lives, they do not create more jobs for the working class, improve our education system, ensure a safe classroom environment, or decrease poverty by increasing the number of opportunities for all residents.

It is our elected leaders who are responsible for shaping common-sense policies that create an environment where our economy can grow, our children can learn, and our residents can feel safe in their homes, yet California’s leaders have failed to build a system for success.

For over five decades, I’ve called this region home, and for most of that time, I’ve been a small business owner – servicing the residents in our community and creating hundreds of local jobs.

As the founding President of Sierra Canyon School Board of Trustees, I helped to expand an institution that educates nearly one thousand children, and have mentored hundreds more toward promising career paths. As a reserve police officer for the LAPD and a Member of the Los Angeles City Fire Commission, I’ve been responsible for hundreds of arrests and ensured our local departments have the resources needed to protect our communities.

As your Senator, my level of dedication will not change, only my title.

To this point, my accomplishments have been dependent upon the level of service in which I provide, and I will remain committed to you, our children, and our grandchildren; I want to use my experience to make sure our state and our future generations succeed.



Steve Fazio

Recent News
October 5, 2016

Business Leader, Philanthropist, Former President of the DWP and LAPD Police Commission Rick J. Caruso— Endorses Steve Fazio for Senate

Woodland Hills, CA—This week, Steve Fazio earned the endorsement of one of Los Angeles’s most visionary civic leaders, Rick J. Caruso.
September 28, 2016

Newhall School Board Member Suzan Solomon Endorses Steve Fazio for Senate

Woodland Hills, CA— Small business owner and candidate for State Senate, Steve Fazio has earned the endorsement of Newhall School Board President, Sue Solomon.
September 21, 2016

Simi Valley Leaders Agree— Steve Fazio for State Senate

Woodland Hills, CA— Small business owner and candidate for State Senate, Steve Fazio has earned endorsements from a number of Simi Valley leaders and organizations.